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Welcome to the COLLEGE4U secure and private application site. Within this secure server we have assmbled a complete undergraduate application which, upon approval by our staff, offers our registered colleges the opportunity to review your academic achievements, communicate with you, and make you offers of admission.

Complete Information, including tutorial videos, may be found at our main website, You may also chat with us there!

The first step in your application process is to Register. Registration is a process of entering your name, account email address and selecting a secure password for future logins.

Each page in the application will have a list of information and documents you will need. And don’t worry,you can stop and save your progress anytime and come back to it when you are ready. This is your process, your application, these are your choices and your opportunity to begin making the decisions for the future that is right for you. A college or university degree is an excellent first step and College4U staff is here to help you.

On each page there is a "Help" button where you can chat or speak with our application team. We have each of us been through the process as students, professionals, even parents. We understand you want to have the opportunity to submit your application the right way, the first time, and we are here to help you do that. But our system also allows you to make changes and updates throughout your application and admissions process. So don’t worry, if you make a mistake, change your mind or wish to update your application with new test scores or G.P.A. achievements, our system will notify us and the univesities and colleges we work with.

For now, please make a note of these details as your account details, your login and password information, will need them to log back in to your application later.

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